We request you to follow these regulations to ensure that IFAF 2016 is a safe and enjoyable experience for everybody:

  • In addition to the physical pass distribution on the ___, ____, and ____of Month ,IFAF passes will be made available online from ___ Month
  • Please do not carry sharp objects, inflammable objects, and/or any other object that is potentially dangerous.
  • Please do not carry any beverages with alcoholic content.
  • Please do not carry or attempt to sell any narcotics, drugs, cigarettes or additives of any sort.
  • Any sort of profanity and obscenity in any form will lead to disqualification and possible expulsion. The decision of the IFAF Organizing Committee will be final in all such matters.
  • Any misbehavior on part of the participants and visitors will lead to expulsion from the premises and will reflect on their School / college/ Institution
  • Anything that can be perceived as being offensive to any national and religious sentiments and gender will lead to Immediate disqualification.
  • If contingents wish to bring their props in a truck, then these trucks must reach the premises before 8:00 am on all days.
  • Please bear in mind that all venues are subject to change.
  • IFAF passes are not for Resale.