International Fine Arts is about the event that brings us our Joy in performing arts. It may be a talent in singing, dancing, vocabulary, elocution, extempore, painting, acting, or even art by other means. A collection of pure arts that blend in and to say to oneself I am good at what I do.

We provide contests, represent artist and cultivate cultural forums in the performing arts world. That is the International Fine arts. In this we have various programs and you can find the highlighted programs hereunder.

Our Crowing feature is the International Fine Arts Festival :
The rustle of pages in the breeze, the unsung hero in all of us, yearning for an outlet to be recognized. The world has never had a dearth of stories to be shared; all it has lacked is the appropriate audience with the will to listen. A chronicle is a simple word. Easy to interpret, yet it does not interpret. Arranged in a chronological order, but still leaves room to manoeuver the setting of the story. Tells us an ordinary tale, in a legendary manner. This theme of two words can encompass a nation, capturing every vibrant hue hidden in every nook and cranny. We bring to you A Chronicle - a theme that can be aptly incorporated into events, decor and publicity. With a vast scope for interpretation, International Fine Arts Festival (IFAF) can narrate its story and act as a platform for speakers and participants to share their own. While the Workforce creates it, the audience can relate to it. The Organizing Committee has unanimously agreed to adhere to the theme of International Fine Arts Festival in events and in creative content. Having this base, the theme - ‘A Chronicle’- can be adapted to suit the structure and format of several events like Creative Writing and Quiz. Other events like Folk Dance and Street Play chronicle the history of various cultures all around the world similarly, the Photography event organized by the Fine Arts department looks to add the element of chronicling the history of the World. Seen as a narrative art, the theme can be weaved in beautifully with the general ambience of International Fine Arts Festival as well. Legends and stories can be reflected on the backdrops, the general theme and the logo of the festival.

International Fine Arts Festival- A Chronicle promises to record the best of a Fine Arts festival, keeping up and improving the general quality of events while adhering to an easily adaptable theme concept With such an array of programs we are sure you will want to be part of this growing family.